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If Greening the Environment continues to be maintained and sustainable, then our area can be as an area of ​​water absorption and lungs of the supporting urban environmental habitats, according to the United Nations, ideally a green open space is provided about approximately 30% of the area of ​​the city concerned. In big cities today only have green open space not more than 10%. The lack of water catchment areas causes the flow of rainwater on the surface of the land to eventually flood and cause flooding.In addition to functioning as a water catchment area and social interaction space, this green open space is increasingly important in supporting the "Go Green" program in order to overcome Global Warming and Climate Change experienced by our Earth, now. In addition, reforestation acts as the lungs of the city and absorbs air pollution, especially CO2 emission gases whose concentrations are increasingly accumulating in the atmosphere of the Earth to form a layer that causes the temperature on Earth to get hotter.

Our Earth seems to be experiencing a Global Warming event, namely the condition or process of rising temperatures in the atmosphere, sea and surface of the earth as a result of Climate Change. The cause of this incident, 90% due to human activity itself which many activities contribute to Greenhouse Gases such as CO2 and Methane. CO2 is produced from emissions of motor vehicles in the world while Methane gas from livestock waste and waste burning stacks.Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere capture the heat radiation from sunlight which should be reflected back, the more heaps of CO2, methane plus NH4, of course, causes the temperature to get hotter on earth.

Come on, we love Earth so that the effects of climate change can be reduced, by: reducing meat eating, so that livestock in the world is reduced, because the need for animal feed (soybeans, corn, wheat) has exceeded human food needs, even though there are still many starvation events. Based on UN data, the world's livestock industry is the largest contributor to Greenhouse Gases, which is 18% of the emissions from motor vehicle emissions by 13.5%.Let's love the Earth, by reducing pollution in the air, water and surface of the earth.Let's love the Earth, by planting trees together (GO GREEN), because the trees are natural oxygen plants, which can become the lungs in our yard and the environment.


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