in building an urban area, it is not necessary for the forest to be an object that must be cut down and cleared for a business land such as factory land. because forests have many benefits for survival in the future.
In the world of the economy often mentioned in the green economy, this condition is a matter of much discussion for some time. Green economy is expected to be able to overcome the impact of environmental damage that occurs due to human activities that do not care about the fate of the environment. Indeed, some business people tend to want to spend a little capital, but want to get big results, so that they do not ignore environmental aspects that should be maintained and preserved.
According to several sources on the internet media, the green economy is also defined as an economic regime that improves human welfare and social equality, while significantly reducing environmental risks. Green economy also means that the economy is low or does not produce carbon dioxide emissions and environmental pollution, saving natural resources and social justice.

The number of businessmen who do not care about environmental aspects, it is necessary to encourage the existence of environmentally friendly business transactions that are part of the green economy in order to save the environment, especially the forest environment that has been the cause of global warming. Global warming is the main cause because of the abundance of deforested forests due to the number of irresponsible people who cut wood in the forest carelessly.

The smaller number of good forest areas in Indonesia is a serious problem for the international world, considering forests are the lungs of the world. Problems that arise due to the unavailability of the most serious forest land are global warming or global warming. If it is not addressed it is not impossible that in the next few years humans will die because the temperature on the earth is no longer suitable for living things, including humans. In addition, with fewer forests on earth, more and more disasters will arise, such as floods and landslides. This happens because there is no land absorption and no trees that strengthen the soil and absorb rainwater.

In the dry season, the community will also be easier to lack water because of the lack of good storage of ground water such as trees. Forest lands that are getting less and less are caused by logging in forests carried out by humans who do not care about the environment. If this happens continuously, then the consequences as explained above, the temperature on earth will increase and other problems will arise, such as floods, landslides, and other disasters.


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