A healthy, clean and green environment is a major factor in healthy survival for humans. The proper management of the environment or natural resources will be able to provide benefits for human life itself. But on the contrary, if there is no management that is renewing the environment, damaging the environment such as over-cutting trees, burning or deforested mountains would certainly have a detrimental impact on the survival of both humans and animals around them.

Some natural events such as global warming, air pollution are the effects of actions that cannot be separated from illegal logging which is often called illegal logging, which has always been the hottest issue lately, which illustrates that the current condition of the earth requires more serious attention from the state developed and developing countries including Indonesia. In addition, abrasion on the shoreline due to the reduction of mangrove trees that become seawater breakwater also does not escape being subjected to illegal logging, so that the tide goes directly to the land. As a result, erosion of land by sea water is a serious threat to the environment on the shoreline.

The importance of increasing public awareness of a healthy environment and increasing law enforcement in the environmental field. The one million tree planting program carried out by the government can be reinvigorated to overcome various pressures on the ecological sector, including concerns that environmental damage and ecosystems will bring disasters that harm the community, both morally and materially.

Some of the activities carried out to realize environmental health that can also boost the growth of community welfare include:

1. Planting Trees

In tree planting aims to anticipate the problem of flooding and landslides, due to arid land, Minimizing the impact of global warming can be reduced, preventing the extinction of flora and fauna so as to create a sustainable living environment. In addition, restore the clean air inhaled by the body which has a direct impact on the health of the human body.

2. Waste Management

Garbage can have a bad impact on human health conditions. If waste is disposed of carelessly or stacked without proper management, it will cause serious health effects. A pile of household waste that is left just like that will bring gutters and insects (flies, cockroaches, cockroaches, fleas, etc.) that carry germs. In addition, bad waste management will also produce gases which can aggravate global warming, for example methane gas. Therefore, there is a need for good and correct waste management efforts.

3. Health of the Watershed

Beach lips as estuaries from river streams which are a united ecosystem that is intact from upstream to downstream consist of the main elements of human, flora, fauna, soil, water and air, all of which have important functions in supporting sustainable economic development in the future. .

As one form of effort to instill public awareness of the importance of environmental health so that a healthy and prosperous life begins with understanding and knowledge by the community through environmental counselors in the local area to provide knowledge to the community that the importance of protecting the environment for human survival now and in the future