Identical forests are dangerous and frightening to visit, but managed as well as possible, forests can be magic as a tourist forest. then visiting the forest is fun. and of course in managing a tourism forest there must be a license or permit from the forest police, and the forest is indeed a forest that is opened for tourism or visited, while maintaining the behavior of visitors when in the forest, in tourism Forest we get the beauty of the forest without feeling worry, worry, let alone fear.

Even though there is a special Forest Tourism, there is a regulation specifically for tourism called tourism forest. According to RI Minister of Forestry Decree No. 687 / Kpts II / 1989 Chapter I (General Provisions), Article 1 paragraph 1 states that tourism forest is a forest area that is specifically intended to be maintained and fostered for tourism and hunting purposes, namely tourism forests that have natural beauty and distinctive characteristics so that it can be used for recreational and cultural purposes.

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