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Keindahan Alami di Kotaku

Alam Kota Sukadana
Kota yang memiliki alam yang sehat,  alam yang bersih dan alam yang masih ASRI


Beaches by definition experts are the boundary between land and sea. The beach is a place for many people, the beach is synonymous with sand, rocks and the edge of the ocean. the beach is very beautiful if it has a variety of nature reserves, ranging from the surrounding trees, white sand, abundant rocks and sea water that does not mix with mud.
The beach is very suitable as a place for vacation and family recreation on weekends and other holidays. A gentle breeze, the alternating waves make the visitors feel pampered by nature. very suitable and appropriate if the beach is to be used as a place of tourist attraction, arranged in such a way, garbage cans are available, places to sit or relax, clean food stalls provide a variety of food and beverages that are typical of the local area, tenacity is needed for the local government the local if you have a beach tourism object to manage, especially the cleanliness of the environment must always be taken care of and the saf…



Air pollution is not very good for human health, including animals and plants, of course it will disrupt aesthetics and comfort, or damage property. Air pollution can be caused by natural sources or human activities. Its nature causes the effects of air pollution to be direct and local, regional, and global.
following sources that cause air pollution
1. CO2 Carbon dioxide comes from factories, machines that use fossil fuels (coal, petroleum), also from cars, ships, airplanes, and wood burning. Increasing levels of CO2 in the air if not immediately converted to oxygen will result in a greenhouse effect. 2.CO Carbon Monoxide is produced from the incomplete combustion process, will produce CO gas. If the engine of the car is turned on in a closed garage, the person who is there can die from inhaling CO gas. Turning on the air conditioner when sleeping in a car in a closed state is also dangerous. CO gas leaks from the exhaust can get into the car, so that it can cause deat…


A healthy, clean and green environment is a major factor in healthy survival for humans. The proper management of the environment or natural resources will be able to provide benefits for human life itself. But on the contrary, if there is no management that is renewing the environment, damaging the environment such as over-cutting trees, burning or deforested mountains would certainly have a detrimental impact on the survival of both humans and animals around them.
Some natural events such as global warming, air pollution are the effects of actions that cannot be separated from illegal logging which is often called illegal logging, which has always been the hottest issue lately, which illustrates that the current condition of the earth requires more serious attention from the state developed and developing countries including Indonesia. In addition, abrasion on the shoreline due to the reduction of mangrove trees that become seawater br…


Roads are very important transportation access for the community, with the road making it easier for people to travel both on foot and driving. But not all roads provide convenience in traveling, because there are roads where the terrain is badly damaged so it is very difficult to use. But there are also good roads, roads with well-arranged terrain, both from the ground and already paved. 
Roads that have been paved are certainly hopes for the community, because with the road conditions, of course the conditions are in good condition, not muddy, not many holes. Paved roads make it easy for road users such as pedestrians, 2-wheeled motorized vehicles, cars and other public transportation


TOURISM IN THE FOREST Identical forests are dangerous and frightening to visit, but managed as well as possible, forests can be magic as a tourist forest. then visiting the forest is fun. and of course in managing a tourism forest there must be a license or permit from the forest police, and the forest is indeed a forest that is opened for tourism or visited, while maintaining the behavior of visitors when in the forest, in tourism Forest we get the beauty of the forest without feeling worry, worry, let alone fear.
Even though there is a special Forest Tourism, there is a regulation specifically for tourism called tourism forest. According to RI Minister of Forestry Decree No. 687 / Kpts II / 1989 Chapter I (General Provisions), Article 1 paragraph 1 states that tourism forest is a forest area that is specifically intended to be maintained and fostered for tourism and hunting purposes, namely tourism forests that have natural beauty and distinctive characteristics so that it can be u…


LEAF FUNCTIONS ON PLANTSPlant leaves are one of the plant organs that grow from the stem, generally green have chlorophyll content and mainly function as a catcher of energy from sunlight through photosynthesis. Leaves in plants are the most important organs for plants in carrying out and sustaining their lives.
Because plants are obligate autotrophic organisms, that is, plants must supply their own energy needs through the conversion of light energy into chemical energy through leaves in the branches or tree trunks.



Ornamental plants in the form of flowers have the function of adding to the beauty of the garden in our home. In this world there are so many types of flower plants that can be used as ornamental plants for the garden or the terrace of the house. 
The selection of the right type of flower ornamental plants and in accordance with the design of the home garden is an important aspect in making the garden pleasant and beautiful. But sometimes we are confused to choose the type of ornamental plants that we will plant in our garden. In addition, sometimes the limited knowledge about the types of ornamental plants makes us just plant them, without considering the type of ornamental plants that are right for the garden.
But our perseverance in caring for plants certainly has an impact on the plants that we plant, even though the flower ornamental plants are not very suitable, but still have a beautiful side of view when there are ornamental flowers that decorate our g…


bustle in urban areas, air pollution sometimes has an adverse effect on human health. The number of buildings, both office buildings, factories and greenhouses make the atmosphere get hotter. the lack of trees in the urban environment has an impact on the temperature.
But if we preserve small forests in the city, the trees on the edge of the road are cared for as best we can, certainly giving an impact of coolness, fresh air and filtering out pollution caused by vehicle fumes and smoke from industrial plants. let's love a healthy and green environment so that the atmosphere of our lives feels healthier and more natural


NATURAL STONE IN MY AREAThe frozen rocks of this earth for thousands of years can be destroyed and decomposed during heat, rain, and the activities of plants and animals. igneous rock can change shape for a very long time due to changes in temperature and pressure.igneous rock is an incandescent molten rock or magma from the frozen earth. Based on the place where the frozen rocks are frozen, they consist of:- Deep rock, slowly frozen inside- Choke rock, freezes in the area of ​​the choke- Slow rocks, freezing suddenly on the surface of the earth- Frozen rocks are distinguished by their chemical properties:
a. Acidic rock, containing a lot of salicylic acid is a silicon compound
and oxide, containing whitish colored quartz.
b. Alkaline rocks, low salicylic acid levels contain lots of magnesium
and iron, the color is dark / blackThe process of formation This rock is formed from the result of freezing of the magma in the composition of acid that freezes in the magma chamber, so this sto…


This type of animal is found in Kalimantan and Sumatra. in Malay the name of the people of Antarctica as humans and utans are defined as forests. So it can also be interpreted broadly that orangutans are people who live in the forest. This type of animal is indeed similar to humans, these animals include mammals and primates. in their daily lives they rarely live in groups but like to be alone, their favorite food is plants


In the lives of humans and other living things, need water, without water all living things on earth will die. we as humans if there is no human water can thirst, lack of water in the body to cause death. so also animals will thirst and eventually die, and various plants that are on the earth without water will become wilted and dry so that it also results in the death of the plant.
The need for clean water is a source of life that must be fulfilled. Drinking water is very important for health, both individuals, families, communities and the environment. But unfortunately now it has become difficult to get clean water, because the water starts to be polluted, it is not clean anymore as it was originally, this is all due to human behavior and actions that are not friendly with nature.
As a result of water pollution causes damage to ecosystems and natural sustainability even threatened by human life which will cause various diseases caused by unclean water. began to thin human a…


If Greening the Environment continues to be maintained and sustainable, then our area can be as an area of ​​water absorption and lungs of the supporting urban environmental habitats, according to the United Nations, ideally a green open space is provided about approximately 30% of the area of ​​the city concerned. In big cities today only have green open space not more than 10%. The lack of water catchment areas causes the flow of rainwater on the surface of the land to eventually flood and cause flooding.In addition to functioning as a water catchment area and social interaction space, this green open space is increasingly important in supporting the "Go Green" program in order to overcome Global Warming and Climate Change experienced by our Earth, now. In addition, reforestation acts as the lungs of the city and absorbs air pollution, especially CO2 emission gases whose concentrations are increasingly accumulating in the atmosphere of the Earth to f…



If the forest is preserved, the surrounding environment also gives a panoramic view of the scenery that is beautiful and cool, fresh and without pollution.
Given the magnitude of the benefits of forests for the survival of human life. So efforts need to be made to maintain sustainability, so that the climate cycle can be maintained continuously, and the forest can function properly.
there are several ways to keep forests protected and sustainable including:
1. Reforesting. Reforestation is an alternative to conserve forests, that is, we can replant forests that have been damaged, so that the forest will be maintained.
2. Implementing the Selective Cutting System is a good choice for forest sustainability, and the Government must also implement a selective logging system in cutting down trees. This can reduce illegal logging in large quantities. In addition, this system is also useful for the community so that they are not arbitrary in logging trees in the forest.
3. Apply…