For those of you who live in the capital, Terasa will rarely feel the origin of green plants because of the large number of buildings, factories, so that they have to sacrifice the loss of large and small trees around our environment.

Even though there are so many benefits we can get from trees or green plants for all of us Humans in the face of the earth. Therefore the need for movement to plant trees. Planting trees does not mean we have to plant trees that are big but start from planting the buds first because of the small movements we will receive in the future. The following 5 benefits of tree plants that have a positive impact on our survival in the future.

1. Produce oxygen for breathing

The main function of a tree is to produce oxygen which is useful for humans breathing. You must have felt when you were walking and the sun was in the heat, if you found a tree you would have sheltered for a while.

When you take shelter under a tree you will feel cool, because of the effects of oxygen produced by the tree.

2. Absorb carbon monoxide

In addition to producing oxygen for human life, the benefits of trees are also to absorb carbon dioxide or CO2. Because it is the opposite of humans, trees breathe by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen (O2)

Requires 96 trees to absorb CO2 produced by one person within one year. In addition, the tree also functions to absorb pollutant odors and gases, as well as filter particulate-particular from the air using their leaves and skin.

3. Protecting Animal Shelters

You must have heard the news about the number of wild animals that suddenly came to housing accidentally. This happened because these wild animals slowly began to lose the forest that became their place of residence to find food so they were stranded to residential areas.

With you planting trees, you slowly participate in restoring the wildlife ecosystems that live in our neighborhood.

4. Food Sources

Various kinds of fruit trees and vegetables can grow well not only in the forest but also in your home garden with sufficient land. To prove, you can throw certain fruit seeds such as jackfruit or papaya. Or you can also stick cassava sticks on the ground.

As long as it is diligently watered, the seeds will grow into tree shoots and cassava stems can grow into trees in the next few weeks. This was told in the Kopi Susu song lyrics of Koes Plus. The lyrics are filled with "Wooden sticks and stones become plants,".

From the results of the tree, you can use it to fulfill your daily needs, whether it is to be consumed by the family or to be a source of family economy by selling it.

5. Water Storage

How can a tree be a place to store water? Because when it rains it will definitely enter the ground. Trees that are around will instantly become water storage that is absorbed by the soil through tree roots.

If there is no tree that functions as a place to store water then the water will be immediately wasted away either to the river or to the sea and can cause living things around the lack of water resources.

Such are some of the benefits of the trees around us, so that we should protect and preserve forests that still have large trees and small ones. because the forest is the beak of the World

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