If the forest is preserved, the surrounding environment also gives a panoramic view of the scenery that is beautiful and cool, fresh and without pollution.

Given the magnitude of the benefits of forests for the survival of human life. So efforts need to be made to maintain sustainability, so that the climate cycle can be maintained continuously, and the forest can function properly.

there are several ways to keep forests protected and sustainable including:

1. Reforesting. Reforestation is an alternative to conserve forests, that is, we can replant forests that have been damaged, so that the forest will be maintained.

2. Implementing the Selective Cutting System is a good choice for forest sustainability, and the Government must also implement a selective logging system in cutting down trees. This can reduce illegal logging in large quantities. In addition, this system is also useful for the community so that they are not arbitrary in logging trees in the forest.

3. Applying the Cutting-Planting System. This system is very useful for forest conservation. The deforestation system which is then replaced by planting forests that have been cut down so that the forest is maintained, so that the growth of new trees continues for the next period.

4. Conservative Logging. Conservative logging is logging by cutting down trees that are no longer productive. Don't let the young and productive trees be cut down.

5. Applying Prohibition of Arbitrary Deforestation and Giving Sanctions that are Heavy for the Actors this is to provide a deterrent effect on illegal logging.

Preserving forests is one of the things we must do. If the forest is damaged, the impact will be felt forever. Therefore we must be able to maintain and care for our forests in order to remain well-maintained and sustainable, because forests are one of the natural resources that are very important for the survival of Living on Earth.