Kratom trees are currently in trend, because of their efficacy. Kratom or called another language is Mitragyna Speciosa or also Daun Puri from a village in the interior of Kalimantan. There are 4 types of Kratom in Kalimantan, namely: Kratom Vena Merah, Kratom Vena Putih, Kratom Vena Hijau, Kratom Sumatra Vena Merah, Kratom Sumatra Vena Putih, Kratom Super Indo, Kratom Sumatera Vena Putih, Kratom Super Indo, Kratom Papua Hijau.

Kratom trees usually have a height of between 4 and 16 meters and bitter leaf taste when consumed.
This traditional use of Kratom is usually consumed by raw chewing and is also used as a cigarette if the leaves are dry.

Kratom leaves can also provide enormous benefits for the health and stamina of the body, according to several sources and research Kartom leaf can reduce high blood pressure, energy enhancer or stamina, overcome muscle pain, and also can increase sexual desire.

*from various sources

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