NATURAL STONE IN MY AREAThe frozen rocks of this earth for thousands of years can be destroyed and decomposed during heat, rain, and the activities of plants and animals. igneous rock can change shape for a very long time due to changes in temperature and pressure.igneous rock is an incandescent molten rock or magma from the frozen earth. Based on the place where the frozen rocks are frozen, they consist of:- Deep rock, slowly frozen inside- Choke rock, freezes in the area of ​​the choke- Slow rocks, freezing suddenly on the surface of the earth- Frozen rocks are distinguished by their chemical properties:
a. Acidic rock, containing a lot of salicylic acid is a silicon compound
and oxide, containing whitish colored quartz.
b. Alkaline rocks, low salicylic acid levels contain lots of magnesium
and iron, the color is dark / blackThe process of formation This rock is formed from the result of freezing of the magma in the composition of acid that freezes in the magma chamber, so this stone is a type of deep frozen stone.Specific mass: around 2.2 - 2.3 grams / cm3
Color: white, gray, or a mixture of both.These rocks are found in many coastal areas and on the banks of large rivers or on river beds.This rock can be used as a basic material for making:1. Stone building materials2. Monument3. Bridge4. As a decoration5. Tile material6. and others

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