In the lives of humans and other living things, need water, without water all living things on earth will die. we as humans if there is no human water can thirst, lack of water in the body to cause death. so also animals will thirst and eventually die, and various plants that are on the earth without water will become wilted and dry so that it also results in the death of the plant.
The need for clean water is a source of life that must be fulfilled. Drinking water is very important for health, both individuals, families, communities and the environment. But unfortunately now it has become difficult to get clean water, because the water starts to be polluted, it is not clean anymore as it was originally, this is all due to human behavior and actions that are not friendly with nature.
As a result of water pollution causes damage to ecosystems and natural sustainability even threatened by human life which will cause various diseases caused by unclean water. began to thin human awareness of the importance of clean water. The impact of water pollution is a major global problem that requires evaluation and revision of water resources policies at all levels (from the international level to private water sources and wells). It has been said that water pollution is a leading cause in the world for deaths and diseases caused by water pollution for the community.
Keep Your Earth to Stay Clean and Beautiful, so Nature is friendly to humans