Beaches by definition experts are the boundary between land and sea.
The beach is a place for many people, the beach is synonymous with sand, rocks and the edge of the ocean. the beach is very beautiful if it has a variety of nature reserves, ranging from the surrounding trees, white sand, abundant rocks and sea water that does not mix with mud.

The beach is very suitable as a place for vacation and family recreation on weekends and other holidays. A gentle breeze, the alternating waves make the visitors feel pampered by nature. very suitable and appropriate if the beach is to be used as a place of tourist attraction, arranged in such a way, garbage cans are available, places to sit or relax, clean food stalls provide a variety of food and beverages that are typical of the local area, tenacity is needed for the local government the local if you have a beach tourism object to manage, especially the cleanliness of the environment must always be taken care of and the safety of the visitors must also get the attention of the beach tourism manager.