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Living in a city is a dream of many people in general, besides a complete facility, lifestyle is also one of the goals of living in a community. However, outside of these facilities, living in the city also has many problems, ranging from congestion, garbage and cleanliness, pollution and even other problems that tend to harm many individuals.Well, unlike life in a village, life in the village is actually not too bad or is called kampungan as many people think in the city. In fact, with the progress and current developments, life in the village has begun to increase and develop with increasingly complete public facilities.

Based on my experience (Blog Author from the Village, here are some points that make life in the village comfortable and enjoyable. So actually there is no need to feel inferior and embarrassed if we live from the village because there are many interesting things that can be enjoyed.The following are things that are enjoyed when living in a village:

First: The Cost of Living Is Not ExpensiveLife 

Village communities mostly work as farmers, gardening and fishing. Because the work sometimes makes villagers not have a definite income, they can only get a fair amount of money when harvesting both gardening and fishing. In fact, even though it doesn't generate a definite income every month, they can still live their lives normally and casually, and not too much burdened by a modern lifestyle. Try to compare it with life in the city, you can certainly complain badly because of uncertain income with the cost of living which is certainly very high ...


Almost all food staples come from the village. In fact, there are many free food ingredients without the need to get it. Most villagers grow chili, vegetables and various other food staples

Second: Village Communities Easier to Socialize 

Some village communities are already known for their very high social attitudes. This is usually seen from the many mutual assistance activities that are often carried out by the community. Neighboring relations in the village are very good, can be seen from village communities who know each other.

Third: Free Nature and Many Choices 

This is the most tempting and interesting village. If the city community is always looking for tranquility by visiting the village for a vacation, by living in a village, you could say you are always on vacation for city people. You are always offered a free nature tour and don't need to spend a penny to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, vast expanse of rice fields, fresh air, mountains and much more.

Well, that's a variety of interesting facts if you live in the village. But most importantly, even though you live in the village but are lazy to go out of the house, all the natural beauty in your village will be in vain because you don't enjoy it. For those of you who have also lived in the village, let's give your experience story in the comments column below!


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