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Benefits of Ciplukan Plant

Precisely in Sukadana City, North Kayong Regency, the author found a wild plant which is also known as Ciplukan or this name resembles the name of a person, but this is a type of plant that is said to be efficacious to treat various diseases. In addition to the leaves, fruit, stems and roots, it also has healing power.

Ciplukan plant or Physalis peruviana L. does not have a name in Indonesian. but there are many regional terms in the local language. Starting from ceplokan, slap, ciciplukan, kopok-kopokan (Bali), cecendet, cecenet (Sunda), nyornyoran (Madura), Leletokan (Minahasa), Kenampok (sasak), and lapunonat (Tanimbar, Seram).

expressed by Ir. W.P.Winarto, owner of the Karya Sari Medicinal Garden in the Pondok Cabe area, Tangerang. According to him, Ciplukan is not toxic. Only indeed because of the bitter taste, on average those who drink consider the same as taking modern medicine, which is generally bitter."Indeed, it is a natural thing. The name is definitely bitter medicine. But, in principle, the influence of the bitter taste will not interfere with the work function of our organs. For example kidneys, "explained Winarto clearly.

Use Influenza and Influenza Pain Throat. The Ciplukan plant (all parts) which have been cut into pieces measuring 3-4 cm are dried in the sun, then wrapped so that they are not moist anymore. Then take about 9-15 grams of boiled water to drink. Do it 3 times a day, or according to your needs and or prescription instructions. Recipe number one can also be applied to several diseases, such as whooping cough (pertussis), bronchitis (inflammation of the airways), mumps (paroritis), swelling of the testicles (orchitis).2. Diabetes (diabetes). Same with number one. But when boiling, boil with 2 cups of water, until the remaining 1 cup. After cold filtered, drink at the same time in the morning. The pulp can be boiled once more, to be drunk in the afternoon.3. Lung pain. Same with number one. When boiling, use 3-5 cups of water. After boiling, cool and strain, drink the water 3 times a day.4. Ayan. Ciplukan fruit 8-10 items eaten every day.


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