Air pollution is not very good for human health, including animals and plants, of course it will disrupt aesthetics and comfort, or damage property. Air pollution can be caused by natural sources or human activities. Its nature causes the effects of air pollution to be direct and local, regional, and global.

following sources that cause air pollution

1. CO2

Carbon dioxide comes from factories, machines that use fossil fuels (coal, petroleum), also from cars, ships, airplanes, and wood burning.
Increasing levels of CO2 in the air if not immediately converted to oxygen will result in a greenhouse effect.


Carbon Monoxide is produced from the incomplete combustion process, will produce CO gas. If the engine of the car is turned on in a closed garage, the person who is there can die from inhaling CO gas. Turning on the air conditioner when sleeping in a car in a closed state is also dangerous. CO gas leaks from the exhaust can get into the car, so that it can cause death.

3. CFC

Chloro Fluoro Carbon produced from CFC Gas is used as a developer gas because it does not react, odorless, and tasteless. CFCs are widely used to develop foam (seat foam), for air conditioning (Freon), refrigerators in refrigerators, and hairspray. CFCs will cause ozone holes in the atmosphere.

4. SO and SO2

Sulfur oxide (SO, SO2) gas in the air is produced by burning fossils (oil, coal). The gas can react with nitrogen oxide gas and rainwater, which causes rainwater to become acidic, which is called acid rain.

Acid rain causes land plants and animals to die, agricultural production slumps, iron and metal easily rust, ancient buildings, such as temples, become worn out and damaged, as well as buildings and bridges.

5. Cigarette smoke

Cigarette smoke can cause chronic cough, lung cancer, affect the fetus in the womb and various other health problems.

Disruption of plant growth, such as yellowing of leaves or dwarf plants due to the concentration of SO2 gas high in the air.
There is a greenhouse effect that can raise the air temperature globally and can change the climate pattern of the earth and melt the polar ice caps.
The occurrence of acid rain caused by nitrogen oxide pollution. It is very detrimental to the lives of all living things.