Planting teak trees by yourself is easy to do, especially if you have large land. For this reason, those of you who are interested in planting Teak trees can follow the steps to plant the tree below:

1. Teak Tree Nursery Process

In the process of seeding or seeding itself, the dried teak flower seeds that fall in the teak tree area are used. You can choose good quality teak tree seeds, the characteristics of which are that the skin color has yellowed and dry, is large, round, dense and does not shrink and has no defects. You can remove the seeds from the flowers, before seedling soak them first in the water for up to 3-4 hours. You can plant it in the nursery area with a mixture of manure and soil using a 1: 1 ratio. Then insert the planting medium into the seedling poly bag. Then immerse the seeds or seeds at a depth of 5cm on the media then use the media at the top. After 47 days, small seeds will usually grow. You can also keep the seeds from growing well.

2. Watering the Seeds and Maintenance

Steps How to plant good and right teak trees next is to nurture seeds such as watering the seeds or seedlings of teak trees that have been carefully sown regularly every morning to evening on a daily basis. But avoid watering too much so that it doesn't rot easily. Place the nursery in the shade to avoid direct exposure to sun and rain. Then the seed fertilizer uses urea fertilizer for 1 time a month. If there are dead seeds, you can do the planting. After the seeds or seeds are 5 months old, the seeds are ready to be planted in a large area.

3. Stage of Land Preparation

Steps for Cultivation The next teak tree covers the stage of land preparation. The preparation of the land itself by sprinkling manure or compost into the planting area uses a composition of 2 tons per hectare. The provision of nutrients can be done when 3-4 weeks, with the time before cultivating the land through hatching and piracy. The purpose is to make the soil loose and contain many basic nutrients in it. You can make a hole about 2.5 × 2.5 meters in size around 30cmx30cmx30 cm. Then leave the soil for 2-3 weeks.

4. Planting Teak Seeds

How to Plant Teak Trees

You can remove the seedbed in the plastic bag and then place the seeds in the planting hole. Try to plant the position in an upright state and place it carefully so that the roots don't get damaged. Then close the hole using soil then gently compact the soil in the surrounding area so that the plant does not easily collapse. Then flush so that the soil moisture is maintained properly.

5. Maintenance of Seeds

The stage of seedling maintenance that is carried out includes embedding, generally done for dead plants when planting. Then fertilizing and weeding, usually done when teak at the beginning of the planting period until the age of 5 years is then carried out for once in 3 months. After that, pruning is done so that the main stem in the teak can be optimal and straight body through felling plant branches.