Rice (Oryza sativa) in its meaning is a basic food raw material that is vital for the people of Indonesia. Planting lowland rice has become a habit for most farmers in Indonesia. At first this activity was mostly cultivated on the island of Java. However, at present almost all regions in Indonesia are already familiar with the activities of planting rice in rice fields, especially in this area, namely Sukadana City, North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan.

Here's a simple way to process rice farming

1. Seedling nursery

The rice cultivation system is usually preceded by making nurseries. Making nurseries requires the best preparation, because the seeds in this nursery will determine the growth of rice in the fields, then tillage which aims to change the state of agricultural land with certain tools to obtain the desired soil structure (soil structure) by plants.

2. Rice Field Soil Processing

The cultivation of paddy fields consists of several stages, namely cleaning, grafting, hijacking, milling, and grading. In the planting of rice seedlings it must be considered beforehand is land preparation, seedling age, and planting stage.

3. Planting Rice Seeds

    In planting rice seeds, it must be considered beforehand:
a. Land preparation
    Land that has been processed in a good way, is finally ready to be planted with rice seeds.
b. Seed age
    When the age of the seedlings is sufficient according to the type of rice, the bib can immediately be     removed by removing the seeds.
c. Planting stage
The planting stage can be divided into 2 parts, namely:
1) Move the seeds
    Seedlings planted that have a common age of 17-25 days (depending on the type of paddy, early /         deep) can be immediately transferred to the fries that have been prepared.
2) Planting
    In planting rice seedlings, the things that must be considered are the runaway system (planting           method), planting distance, plant relations, number of plants per hole, planting seeds, planting             methods.
In maintenance, it includes replanting and weeding, irrigation, fertilization, replanting and weeding, and controlling pests and diseases.


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