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NEW YEAR 2019, BY 2018..!


Actually, there is a lot that can be obtained from reimbursement from 2018 to 2019. Not just rah-rah and berpapapora wherever it is.

Last year did not just disappear, it must be imprinted in our memory, a million beautiful memories and thousands of bitter memories are there. Now that's the right time to be introspective.

We don't need to puff up our chest, respond to our success, but also don't need to regret and lament our failures. Failure and success is indeed, one after another according to its nature.


The night is usually quiet, when the new year becomes very lively. The poor, especially the rich, feel they have the right to momentarily forget about the crush of life, by dissolving themselves into a sea of ​​parties.

Teenagers are looking for a form of excitement through noisy exhaust fights. Also through strange competitions. It is precisely when he must avoid all things that are not useful, then reflect on the journey of his youthful idealism…


Tsunami waves have occurred in the Sunda Strait on Saturday night (December 22, 2018)
for a while Tsunami Victims in the Sunda Strait continue to be recorded: 222 people died, 843 people injured and 28 people missing

The number of victims and damage caused by the tsunami that hit coastal areas in the Sunda Strait continues to increase. Temporary data collected by the BNPB Command Post until Sunday 23/12/2018 at 16.00 WIB recorded 222 people died, 843 people were injured and 28 people were missing.

Material damage included 556 damaged housing units, 9 heavily damaged hotel units, 60 damaged culinary stalls, 350 damaged boats and boats. There are no foreign national casualties. All Indonesian citizens. These victims and damage included in 4 affected districts, namely in Pandeglang, Serang, South Lampung and Tanggamus Regencies.

This number is expected to continue to increase because not all victims have been evacuated, not all Puskesmas have reported casualties, and not all locations can be…


The number of fruits gives a different taste for fruit lovers. one of them is durian, yes ... this fruit name is Durian. Currently in the area of ​​Sukadana City (the author's area) this Durian fruit is in season and harvest. This fruit is not picked but rather falls automatically from the branch. this durian fruit grows in hilly locations, so the owner of the durian garden must make a small hut at the location of the garden to wait for the fruit to fall.
This Durian fruit is dead from its timeless branches, sometimes afternoon, evening, night and even at dawn. The number of deciduous fruits varies between 10 pieces, 30 pieces or even 50 pieces in a matter of hours.

in addition to being delicious to eat, this durian has a variety of flavors, such as sweetness, sweet bitter taste, fresh taste and sweet bitter-bitter taste.

Durian fruit if it has been harvested, these fruits are sent to the market or to the city to be marketed at prices ranging from 10,000 rupiah to 30,000 rupiah, …