NEW YEAR 2019, BY 2018..!

 NEW YEAR 2019

Actually, there is a lot that can be obtained from reimbursement from 2018 to 2019. Not just rah-rah and berpapapora wherever it is.

Last year did not just disappear, it must be imprinted in our memory, a million beautiful memories and thousands of bitter memories are there. Now that's the right time to be introspective.

We don't need to puff up our chest, respond to our success, but also don't need to regret and lament our failures. Failure and success is indeed, one after another according to its nature.


The night is usually quiet, when the new year becomes very lively. The poor, especially the rich, feel they have the right to momentarily forget about the crush of life, by dissolving themselves into a sea of ​​parties.

Teenagers are looking for a form of excitement through noisy exhaust fights. Also through strange competitions. It is precisely when he must avoid all things that are not useful, then reflect on the journey of his youthful idealism, they are even swept away in a surge of negative competition.

The benefits obtained from overnight not sleeping, are only physical fatigue, psychological fatigue and waste of money. Past attitudes and negative behaviors, rather than being replaced by positive behavior. But it is even more so. ( REMEMBER THAT)


Celebrating the arrival of the new year, it cannot be separated from the excitement of the event. The excitement is in fact a manifestation of joyful expressions because we have passed the past year well.

All the ups and downs of 2018, of course, have settled as a memorable album. And can be drawn as a lesson. We reflect on why we have failed in an activity.

Adolescents, indeed, often misinterpret the meaning of a new year, especially if they are shortsighted to see the meaning of their journey from year to year which is always changing.

The new year they often use the impingement of their young souls that are misguided, even though, in the middle of a million festivities, there are one thousand and one meaning that is very valuable.
happy to welcome the arrival of the new year with a million good hopes