Because Health is Expensive in Value

Take Care Of Your Health

The weather that often changes now makes you and your family more susceptible to disease. the influence of climate change is now increasingly unpredictable. so you must actively find ways to keep your body and family health healthy and not fall ill.
Here are some ways you can take care of your body's health during the transition season, which is now happening in several areas, perhaps one of them in your area.

1. Diligent Hand Washing
Let's take the family, especially children, to always wash their hands before eating, after finishing playing and so on. Maternal and child health is equally important. so you should invite your child to learn to avoid illness by diligently washing hands because the benefits are extraordinary. After that dry hands with a dry towel, because germs and bacteria can still stick in wet hands.

2. Lots of White Water Consumption
Have you and your family drank enough water today? drink 8 glasses of water daily or the equivalent of 2 liters of water. Sufficient water makes your body stay well hydrated. Water serves to facilitate your digestion. This water can increase the body's metabolism, and prevent the body from getting infected. Make it a habit to bring a tumbler to store water and take it wherever you go. Apart from being environmentally friendly, daily water needs are met.

3. Sports routine
let's get regular exercise, even if it's only a few tens of minutes every day. You don't need to exercise hard to maintain health and fitness. and most importantly, you are quite mobile every day so that the body is not stiff and easily tired. Do this habit at least three times a week. In fact, for housewives, doing housework can be considered a sport, because it burns calories. easy isn't it!

4. Eat Foods 4 Healthy 5 Perfect
A healthy body can be obtained by eating healthy food. Many nutrients needed by the body, obtained from food. As a smart family, of course you know that one way to maintain a healthy body is to make sure the food your family eats is the best food and avoid disease. Rice, vegetables, side dishes, fruit and milk are the standard formulas of 4 perfectly healthy 5. These five foods are a source of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and milk are complementary which helps the body stay strong and energetic.

Take the time to cook every day and make sure directly that your family's food intake is the best. Avoid foods that have gone through too much processing which is certainly not good, such as instant packaged foods. Did you know that the more processes a food ingredient goes through, the more additives are added? If not monitored properly, the body will be susceptible to diseases, especially digestion.

5. Keep the Kitchen Clean
Cleanliness of the food served to the family must always be considered because food can enhance the immune system. You must always keep the cooking utensils clean, free of bacteria, as well as food equipment. You can use Sunlight Plus Anti Bacteria to remove stains on dirty dishes while killing the bacteria inside the sponge for washing dishes.

6. Wash Fruit, Vegetables and Other Food Ingredients
food can be beneficial to form the immune system so that it is not easy to get sick. consuming fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, and other food ingredients has a variety of nutrients each needed by the body. before consuming it, make it a habit to always wash clean fruit, vegetables, and other food ingredients clean until the pesticides that are still attached or bacteria that are in the food are gone.

7. Routinely Clean the House
Furniture at home can save a lot of dust, so bacteria and germs can make you and your family more sick in the transition season. Therefore, don't forget to always clean the house, carpets, floors and furniture so that it is free of dust.

7. Sleep at the Right Time
Often a bad habit that many people do is stay up late. Overtime, doing school or college assignments, sometimes done at night. However, is that good to do? of course not, staying up late will make your body condition weak the next day, because the night wind is not good for the body. Staying up late can cause problems and diseases in the body, such as weight problems, weakening the body's immune system so that it is susceptible to disease, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and many other diseases.

let's take care of health together, because health is of high value


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