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Bees (kelulut)  have honey which is rich in vitamins and minerals that can provide many benefits to our body
10 Benefits of Fused Honey?
Because the content is very rich, Honey Kelulut has enormous benefits for health. Here are some benefits of honey for health:

   1.  Regenerate body cells
    2. Blood circulation in the body
    3. Increase body immunity against disease
    4. Restoring body fitness and increasing body metabolism
    5. Can prevent tumors or cancer
    6. Accelerate wound healing due to diabetes
    7. Normalize blood pressure and blood sugar content
    8.Launch the respiratory system
    9. Prevent stroke, especially for people with heart and high blood pressure
   10. Cure coughs and sore teroris

Because Health is Expensive in Value

Take Care Of Your Health
The weather that often changes now makes you and your family more susceptible to disease. the influence of climate change is now increasingly unpredictable. so you must actively find ways to keep your body and family health healthy and not fall ill.
Here are some ways you can take care of your body's health during the transition season, which is now happening in several areas, perhaps one of them in your area.

1. Diligent Hand Washing
Let's take the family, especially children, to always wash their hands before eating, after finishing playing and so on. Maternal and child health is equally important. so you should invite your child to learn to avoid illness by diligently washing hands because the benefits are extraordinary. After that dry hands with a dry towel, because germs and bacteria can still stick in wet hands.

2. Lots of White Water Consumption
Have you and your family drank enough water today? drink 8 glasses of water daily or the equivalent o…