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Trigona sp baru dikenal dan mulai dibudidayakan oleh masyarakat Pulau Lombok karena kemudahan budidaya dan tidak membutuhkan biaya yang banyak. Hanya diperlukan stup dan ketersediaan sumber pakan untuk dapat membudidayakan lebah. Demikian disampaikan oleh Septiantina Dyah R, S.Hut dan Krisnawati, S.Hut, peneliti Balai Penelitian Teknologi Hasil Hutan Bukan Kayu (BPTHHBK), di Mataram, NTB. Dengan membudidayakan trigona akan mendapat manfaat antara lain : 1) manfaat ekologis : proses penyerbukan oleh lebah dalam keterkaitan pakan, 2). manfaat ekonomi : produk – produk yang dihasilkan trigona berupa madu, propolis, bee pollen dll, 3). manfaat sosial : sebagai sumber penghasilan, membuka peluang usaha bagi masyarakat, obyek penelitian dan sebagai potensi daerah. Trigona sp merupakan salah satu jenis dari genus Meliponini yaitu jenis lebah madu yang tidak bersengat (stingless bee),” kata Dyah. Dyah mengatakan bahwa T…


KAMPUNG HALAMAN Manakalah kita bepergian meninggalkan kampung halaman dalam waktu yang cukup lama, Sejauh manapun kita Pergi, sejauh apapun tempat kita merantau ke negeri orang, kampung halaman kan selalu menjadi tempat terindah untuk pulang, dan selalu dirindukan kala kita jauh. ada rasa rindu untuk bisa pulang kampung, Paling tidak setahun sekali kita pulang ke kampung halaman, bahasa kerennya mudik pulang kampung. Kampung halaman merupakan tempat lahir kita, tempat kita dibesarkan, tempat kita mendapat kasih sayang orang tua, tempat segalah keindahan yang ada tidak akan kita jumpai di negeri orang, kebahagian bersama keluarga, teman semasa kecil, tempat spesial yang dirindukan, kesemuanya itu mendorong hati kita untuk kembali ke kampung halaman yang kita cintai, ya tentu saja...! Meski Pedesaan yang kita tinggali dan apapun bentuk kampung halamannya itu adalah kampung kita, dan sesukses apapun kita dikampung rantauan, bukan menjadi penghalang untuk pulang, bukan pula menjadi alasan…


Semua Muslim Mengutuk keras reaksi atas kejadian serangan teroris di selandia baru pada hari jum'at tanggal 15 Maret 2019, dimana waktu penembakan terjadi di Christchurch, selandia baru. sungguh perbuatan yang tidak manusiawi


Selamat dan Sukses Timnas U-22 yang mampu dan berhasil menjuarai ajang Piala AFF U-22.
Timnas U-22 sukses meraih gelar juara pada ajang Piala AFF U-22. Dalam partai final, melawan Thailand, Tim skuat besutan Indra Sjafri tersebut, menang dengan skor 2-1, Luar biasa.

Dua gol Indonesia, pada pertandingan yang digelar di Stadion Nasional, Phnom Penh, Kamboja, Selasa (26/02) kemarin , dicetak oleh Sani Rizki dan Osvaldo Haay. Sementara, gol Thailand dicetak oleh Saringkan Promsupa.
Ini pun pertama kalinya kita bisa memenangi Piala AFF U-22.
selamat buat INDONESIA


Bees (kelulut)  have honey which is rich in vitamins and minerals that can provide many benefits to our body
10 Benefits of Fused Honey?
Because the content is very rich, Honey Kelulut has enormous benefits for health. Here are some benefits of honey for health:

   1.  Regenerate body cells
    2. Blood circulation in the body
    3. Increase body immunity against disease
    4. Restoring body fitness and increasing body metabolism
    5. Can prevent tumors or cancer
    6. Accelerate wound healing due to diabetes
    7. Normalize blood pressure and blood sugar content
    8.Launch the respiratory system
    9. Prevent stroke, especially for people with heart and high blood pressure
   10. Cure coughs and sore teroris

Masjid Apung ada di Sukadana

Terdapat masjid Apung pertama di bumi kalimantan Barat,  tepatnya di Kabupaten Kayong Utara
Kota Sukadana
Masjid Agung Oesman Al-Khair

Keindahan Alami di Kotaku

Alam Kota Sukadana
Kota yang memiliki alam yang sehat,  alam yang bersih dan alam yang masih ASRI

Because Health is Expensive in Value

Take Care Of Your Health
The weather that often changes now makes you and your family more susceptible to disease. the influence of climate change is now increasingly unpredictable. so you must actively find ways to keep your body and family health healthy and not fall ill.
Here are some ways you can take care of your body's health during the transition season, which is now happening in several areas, perhaps one of them in your area.

1. Diligent Hand Washing
Let's take the family, especially children, to always wash their hands before eating, after finishing playing and so on. Maternal and child health is equally important. so you should invite your child to learn to avoid illness by diligently washing hands because the benefits are extraordinary. After that dry hands with a dry towel, because germs and bacteria can still stick in wet hands.

2. Lots of White Water Consumption
Have you and your family drank enough water today? drink 8 glasses of water daily or the equivalent o…



Teaching children with a variety of things and science is the duty of every parent. But they should not only provide just the information they need, because basically children also should be able to practice directly in the real world. For example, how children make friends with other people, how to plant plants, keep animals, explore nature and others that are useful for the development of knowledge.

give knowledge to children about the world of animals, at one time on a trip to find a turtle animal that was crossing the highway, with slow walking, because of its position right in the middle of the road, then a good opportunity to teach children to help them the turtle crossed the highway so that the animal was not run over by heavy vehicles that could endanger the safety of the turtle animal.
with a smile and happy children do it. provide a new experience for the development of children at an early age

NEW YEAR 2019, BY 2018..!


Actually, there is a lot that can be obtained from reimbursement from 2018 to 2019. Not just rah-rah and berpapapora wherever it is.

Last year did not just disappear, it must be imprinted in our memory, a million beautiful memories and thousands of bitter memories are there. Now that's the right time to be introspective.

We don't need to puff up our chest, respond to our success, but also don't need to regret and lament our failures. Failure and success is indeed, one after another according to its nature.


The night is usually quiet, when the new year becomes very lively. The poor, especially the rich, feel they have the right to momentarily forget about the crush of life, by dissolving themselves into a sea of ​​parties.

Teenagers are looking for a form of excitement through noisy exhaust fights. Also through strange competitions. It is precisely when he must avoid all things that are not useful, then reflect on the journey of his youthful idealism…


Tsunami waves have occurred in the Sunda Strait on Saturday night (December 22, 2018)
for a while Tsunami Victims in the Sunda Strait continue to be recorded: 222 people died, 843 people injured and 28 people missing

The number of victims and damage caused by the tsunami that hit coastal areas in the Sunda Strait continues to increase. Temporary data collected by the BNPB Command Post until Sunday 23/12/2018 at 16.00 WIB recorded 222 people died, 843 people were injured and 28 people were missing.

Material damage included 556 damaged housing units, 9 heavily damaged hotel units, 60 damaged culinary stalls, 350 damaged boats and boats. There are no foreign national casualties. All Indonesian citizens. These victims and damage included in 4 affected districts, namely in Pandeglang, Serang, South Lampung and Tanggamus Regencies.

This number is expected to continue to increase because not all victims have been evacuated, not all Puskesmas have reported casualties, and not all locations can be…


The number of fruits gives a different taste for fruit lovers. one of them is durian, yes ... this fruit name is Durian. Currently in the area of ​​Sukadana City (the author's area) this Durian fruit is in season and harvest. This fruit is not picked but rather falls automatically from the branch. this durian fruit grows in hilly locations, so the owner of the durian garden must make a small hut at the location of the garden to wait for the fruit to fall.
This Durian fruit is dead from its timeless branches, sometimes afternoon, evening, night and even at dawn. The number of deciduous fruits varies between 10 pieces, 30 pieces or even 50 pieces in a matter of hours.

in addition to being delicious to eat, this durian has a variety of flavors, such as sweetness, sweet bitter taste, fresh taste and sweet bitter-bitter taste.

Durian fruit if it has been harvested, these fruits are sent to the market or to the city to be marketed at prices ranging from 10,000 rupiah to 30,000 rupiah, …


Kratom plants grow a lot in several countries, one of them in my country, Indonesia.
This plant was first formally described by Dutch colonial botanist Pieter Korthals. Trees grow to a height of between 40 and 100 feet and can fall depending on the climate and environment where they have grown.
This Kratom plant is also nicknamed mitragyna speciosa which grows in tropical countries such as Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and including in Indonesia. Kratom was later widely known in the United States and several European countries because it was considered efficacious as a recreational medical alternative.
Because of the many benefits contained in Kratom, the kratom plant is also sold and marketed like a supplement in capsule and fine powder form. In addition to being labeled as a powerful herbal reliever for pain relief, kratom is also intended for users who want to get rid of drug addiction. In the world of medicine, a number of researchers recognize kratom as a…


Living in a city is a dream of many people in general, besides a complete facility, lifestyle is also one of the goals of living in a community. However, outside of these facilities, living in the city also has many problems, ranging from congestion, garbage and cleanliness, pollution and even other problems that tend to harm many individuals.Well, unlike life in a village, life in the village is actually not too bad or is called kampungan as many people think in the city. In fact, with the progress and current developments, life in the village has begun to increase and develop with increasingly complete public facilities.

Based on my experience (Blog Author from the Village, here are some points that make life in the village comfortable and enjoyable. So actually there is no need to feel inferior and embarrassed if we live from the village because there are many interesting things that can be enjoyed.The following are things that are enjoyed when liv…


Currently the area of Sukadana City, North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, is entering the fruit season, one of which is superior in this area is Durian fruit.This Durian fruit has a taste that is distinctive from the taste of other fruits, this fruit has a round shape and has sharp thorns on its skin and the contents of the fruit are soft and not hard.

This Durian Fruit Plant can grow in tropical areas such as in the mountains and flat land.
Durian fruit is known as the popular "king of all fruits"

If you want to feel the pleasure of this durian fruit, please come to Indonesia, one of which is this area Sukadana City, North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan

Benefits of Ciplukan Plant

Precisely in Sukadana City, North Kayong Regency, the author found a wild plant which is also known as Ciplukan or this name resembles the name of a person, but this is a type of plant that is said to be efficacious to treat various diseases. In addition to the leaves, fruit, stems and roots, it also has healing power.

Ciplukan plant or Physalis peruviana L. does not have a name in Indonesian. but there are many regional terms in the local language. Starting from ceplokan, slap, ciciplukan, kopok-kopokan (Bali), cecendet, cecenet (Sunda), nyornyoran (Madura), Leletokan (Minahasa), Kenampok (sasak), and lapunonat (Tanimbar, Seram).
expressed by Ir. W.P.Winarto, owner of the Karya Sari Medicinal Garden in the Pondok Cabe area, Tangerang. According to him, Ciplukan is not toxic. Only indeed because of the bitter taste, on average those who drink consider the same as taking modern medicine, which is generally bitter."Indeed, it is a natural thing. The name is definitely…


Rice (Oryza sativa) in its meaning is a basic food raw material that is vital for the people of Indonesia. Planting lowland rice has become a habit for most farmers in Indonesia. At first this activity was mostly cultivated on the island of Java. However, at present almost all regions in Indonesia are already familiar with the activities of planting rice in rice fields, especially in this area, namely Sukadana City, North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan.

Here's a simple way to process rice farming

1. Seedling nursery The rice cultivation system is usually preceded by making nurseries. Making nurseries requires the best preparation, because the seeds in this nursery will determine the growth of rice in the fields, then tillage which aims to change the state of agricultural land with certain tools to obtain the desired soil structure (soil structure) by plants.

2. Rice Field Soil Processing The cultivation of paddy fields consists of several stages, namely cleaning, grafting, hijack…


In the atmosphere of the national health day, residents of Sukadana City, North Kayong Regency, West Kalimantan Province - Indonesia. doing healthy walking activities in crowds, ranging from children, adults, to parents. not especially those who are elderly do not participate in this social activity.
In this good activity, while making a healthy walk, the community members also cleaned up the garbage on the side of the road and collected it and stored it using black plastic bags as a place to store the trash.
This activity was carried out by the North Kayong District Government through the Health Office. to provide encouragement to the community members to take part in this social action, the health office provided gift coupons which later were drawn out by lottery after they finished walking healthy and picked up garbage.
The environment will be better if everyone is aware and responsible for environmental cleanliness, because it must be instilled early and starting from ourselves, …


Planting teak trees by yourself is easy to do, especially if you have large land. For this reason, those of you who are interested in planting Teak trees can follow the steps to plant the tree below:

1. Teak Tree Nursery Process

In the process of seeding or seeding itself, the dried teak flower seeds that fall in the teak tree area are used. You can choose good quality teak tree seeds, the characteristics of which are that the skin color has yellowed and dry, is large, round, dense and does not shrink and has no defects. You can remove the seeds from the flowers, before seedling soak them first in the water for up to 3-4 hours. You can plant it in the nursery area with a mixture of manure and soil using a 1: 1 ratio. Then insert the planting medium into the seedling poly bag. Then immerse the seeds or seeds at a depth of 5cm on the media then use the media at the top. After 47 days, small seeds will usually grow. You can also keep the seeds from growing well.

2. Watering the Seeds and …


Beaches by definition experts are the boundary between land and sea. The beach is a place for many people, the beach is synonymous with sand, rocks and the edge of the ocean. the beach is very beautiful if it has a variety of nature reserves, ranging from the surrounding trees, white sand, abundant rocks and sea water that does not mix with mud.
The beach is very suitable as a place for vacation and family recreation on weekends and other holidays. A gentle breeze, the alternating waves make the visitors feel pampered by nature. very suitable and appropriate if the beach is to be used as a place of tourist attraction, arranged in such a way, garbage cans are available, places to sit or relax, clean food stalls provide a variety of food and beverages that are typical of the local area, tenacity is needed for the local government the local if you have a beach tourism object to manage, especially the cleanliness of the environment must always be taken care of and the saf…